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What is the best library/framework to implement a SOAP webservice in scala?

an example of using scalaxb to implement a SOAP webservice?

Please, no heavy frameworks such as lift.

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Why not use JAX-WS? The only real disadvantage is that your service has to deal with Java types, e.g. Scala collections aren't handled nicely. A immature re-implementation which doesn't lots of SOAPs less commonly used features is less useful. – Grogs Jan 12 '13 at 0:04
because JAXB sucks, and Scala has a nicer data-binding solution, scalaxb. Maybe it is possible to use JAX-WS with the scalaxb bindings, but I dind't find out how to do that. – David Portabella Jan 15 '13 at 8:37

I guess there is no such library at the moment and maybe never will be, anyway, the situation is not that bad as it seems. You can create a Scala wrappers on top of existing Java SOAP libs. Have a look here for more info SOAP-proxy in Scala - what do I need? and for starters here:

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