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I have a menu control on the master page. The datasource for the menu is a websitemap.

            Page1 (clickable)
                SubPage1A (clickable)
                   SubPageSubPage1 (clickable)
                   SubPageSubPage2 (clickable)
                SubPage1C (clickable)

What i want to do is to make clickable(i mean when u click on this link you go to some url) only pages on the bottom level. So, from this example clickable pages would be : Page1, SubPage1A, SubPageSubPage1, SubPageSubPage2 and SubPage1C.

To make other pages non-clickable i remove "url" attribute from the websitemap xml. For now, when i open the page i see the cursor:text style assigned for all non-clickable items (it's 'I') and cursor:pointer (hand) for clickable items.

I know that i can manage cursor styles assigning them for . But that works only for a bunch of items in a hiearchy. But i need to have different cursor styles at the same hierarchy level.

Are there any way to override the cursor:text style by any other for non-clickable items and keep the hand cursor for clickable?


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Did you figure out your problem? – rick schott Oct 7 '09 at 2:03
No, i didn't. I just made a hand cursor for all menu items. – Sergey Smelov Oct 8 '09 at 13:43

Menu items with submenus render as a hyperlink with href="#". In the CSS, select those hyperlinks as shown below.

<asp:Menu ...>
    <StaticMenuItemStyle    CssClass="MenuItemClass" />
    <DynamicMenuItemStyle   CssClass="MenuItemClass" />

    cursor: default !important;

Tested on FF 3.6.15, Google Chrome 10, Safari 5.0.3, IE 8 and IE 8 in IE7 mode on Windows 7.

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I opted for force it explicitly with cursor: pointer !important; And got the desired result. – MPelletier Nov 18 '13 at 20:58

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