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i really did my searching homework on this but i still dont have a solution.

I have a video tube site based on wordpress engine, it shows 12 vid thumbnails(posts)/page. But it appears in publish time order(as usual for wordpress) but in this site it is not so good. I would like the posts to be randomized(shuffle post date) once a day.

i can integrate the

query_posts($query_string . '&orderby=rand');

but thats a half the solution because this randomizes the post on every page load and on every page, so there is a chance that the same vid appears on page1 and 2.

So i need a solution that randomizes the posts on the whole site at once, and once a day.

The best way would be somehow to shuffle the post dates of the publishig time of each post.

I cant believe there is no plugin for this:) Thanks in forwards.

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Since you're assuming that your query is randomized, Wordpress can't avoid show the same content in different pages.

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Yes i know, that is why the so called(i named it:) post date shuffler would be a good technique, a script that changes the publish date of each post to a relative random date so the posts would be mixed each time it runs trough – AnryStorm Jan 11 '13 at 15:47

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