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Wordpress doesn't allow to insert more than 2 new lines in a post, anyone knows how to avoid that?

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If i write something like: Sentence:newline: :newline: :newline: :newline: Sentence in the wysiwyg editor than i switch to html editor and back to wysiwyg it becomes: Sentence:newline: :newline: Sentence So i'm quite sure is something done by the tinymce and not by wordpress, i need avoid that, any suggestions? I'd prefer to change that creating a plugin (or using one if already exists) instead of editing the wordpress source wich will cause trouble with updates –  fabbrillo Sep 15 '09 at 15:55
Even if i add some <br/> in the html editor they disappear when i switch to wysiwyg editor and back –  fabbrillo Sep 15 '09 at 15:58

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Is Wordpress removing the newlines or are they not being shown in the rendered page (i.e. they are there when you view the page source but the browser does not show them?) White-space gets collapsed in HTML rendering unless it is inside <pre> tags or a element styles with white-space: pre[-line|-wrap]. You can force multiple newlines with a <br> tag.

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I know this is really ugly, but you can try to add

(use the entity "&NBSP;" in lowercase, I did it in uppercase in the above 
 example because SO editor didn't allow me to do it, how ironic :)

in the html view and, without clicking in "Visual" again, click in "update post". This way the visual editor won't try to filter the tags.

However, if you edit the post again, you're going to need to repeat this step if it enters in "Visual" mode.

Again, really ugly in my opinion, but at least it works if you really need it. I tested in Wordpress 2.8.4.

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