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I have created an app on iOS 6 in which I am showing the Map. The problem is there is a highly increase in memory allocation in just a simple interaction with the map i.e., on Pinch and Pan and dragging operations. I thought there may be some enhancements in the Mapkit in iOS 6 which I don't know so I tried the Sample Code of Raywenderlich but still I am facing the same issue. Please take a look on the image I have attached. I just dragged the map for sometime and there is an allocation of 55MB. I have tested this on Simulator but on the Device, app crashes very soon. Please provide some help in any way in this regard!

enter image description here

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How are you creating / allocating the Map view? –  Sam Jan 22 '13 at 2:26

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From what it appears, this issue seem to only affect iOS 6 maps when dragging and zooming. There have been various hot fixes that have been proposed to address this issue. However, it appears that this is a bug that will need to be addressed by Apple.

There have been solutions proposed in this question: iOS6 MKMapView using a ton of memory, to the point of crashing the app, anyone else notice this?

Edit: Some additional questions on stackoverflow claiming this issue.

  1. Guide to acceptable "Live Bytes" of iOS6 app using MKMapView
  2. MKMapView memory usage steadily increasing
  3. Memory usage of MKMapView is very high
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