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this is a block of code I am using to generate cells in each column. Is there any way to restrict this loop for first two iterations.

<tr data-bind="foreach: activeColumns">
      <select data-bind = "options:$root.weightageType" style="font-size: 12px;">

here activecolumn is an observable array representing all the columns of my table.I want to add a dropdown in each column except first two.

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What does your view model look like? It's probably easier, cleaner and more MVVM-like to just add a property in your view model that just exposes those first two items. You could even use a computed property for it. – Matt Burland Jan 11 '13 at 14:32

You can get the index of the loop using $index, you could use that with an if to only bind for the first two. Otherwise, you could use a custom binding and have your logic in that.

Just to clarify, you can create a custom binding and pass the index in using:

data-bind="text: Name, nameOfYourCustomBindingMethod: $index

and then in your custom binder, you can get the index using:

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