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Pylint is returning lots of false positives for the subprocess module:

E1101:184,7:resetboard: Instance of 'Popen' has no 'poll' member
E1101:188,4:resetboard: Instance of 'Popen' has no 'terminate' member
# etc.

How can I fix this?

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This bug has been identified in the logilab-astng package:

They have created a new side project called pylint-brain which will be a set of plugins and get included in logilab-astng. In the meantime, you can clone or download the latest code from here:

The instructions are on the above site, but the basic approach is:

  1. Extract pylint-brain
  2. Rename ".../site-packages/logilab/astng/brain" to ".../site-packages/logilab/astng/brain-old"
  3. Copy or soft-link the extracted "brain" folder to ".../site-packages/logilab/astng/brain"
  4. Verify pylint still runs an that the subprocess.Popen issue is fixed
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