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I keep get error logs like this in the console:

ReferenceError {}      angular.min.js:60
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:60
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:51
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:88
  m                    angular.min.js:6
  e.$broadcast         angular.min.js:88
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:80
  i                    angular.min.js:76
  i                    angular.min.js:76
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:76
  e.$eval              angular.min.js:86
  e.$digest            angular.min.js:84
  e.$apply             angular.min.js:86
  e                    angular.min.js:92
  o                    angular.min.js:95
  q.onreadystatechange angular.min.js:96

I can usually debug it myself, but these stack traces are awfully meaningless.. am I doning somthing wrong or is this just the way it is?

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I wonder if using the non-minified version of Angular would provide more helpful information in the console? – Donut Jan 11 '13 at 14:57
A little better, but still meaningless to me. ReferenceError {} angular.js:5582 (anonymous function) angular.js:5582 (anonymous function) angular.js:4679 Scope.$broadcast angular.js:8092 (anonymous function) angular.js:7250 wrappedCallback angular.js:6650 wrappedCallback angular.js:6650 (anonymous function) angular.js:6687 Scope.$eval angular.js:7840 Scope.$digest angular.js:7707 Scope.$apply angular.js:7926 done angular.js:8933 completeRequest angular.js:9073 xhr.onreadystatechange – calvintennant Jan 11 '13 at 15:01
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i quote the trace provider :

ReferenceError {}      angular.min.js:60
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:60
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:51
  (anonymous function) angular.min.js:88

a few things , your error seems related to $http or $resource and AJAX. if you are using anonymous callbacks, name them

for instance :

  .success(function _successGet(){})
  .error(function _errorGet(){})

that way , you'll have some clues about the stack trace. instead of (anonymous function) you'll get a ref to _successGet or _errorGet.

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