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I'm maintaining an application written originally using Delphi 7 and ported to Delphi XE. Using Windows 7 we've experimented some problems like Modal Windows under the Main Window and the eventual inability to interactuate with the program because is expecting the user interacts with the modal form and it's impossible access to the modal window. To avoid this problem I change the property of the project MainFormOnTaskBar to true (Older projects don't have this property) and now I continue with the same project. Reading documentation I found the new Form property PopupParent. Is mandatory to use this property if I set MainFormOnTaskBar to true? Exist another solution to this problem?

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Yes, for the modal forms that "pop-under", you have to fix the Z-order using PopupParent or PopupMode as explained by Allen Bauer in PopupMode and PopupParent.

MainFormOnTaskBar has little to do with the pop-under: it is for choosing which information (your Application or MainForm) will be bound to the taskbar.

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