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i have this structure:

struct dict{
int len;
char (*dict0)[MAX_WORD_LEN+1];
char (*dict1)[MAX_WORD_LEN+1];


and i do this:

struct dict dictionary; struct dict *p_diction=&dictionary; but when i try to scanf with the pointer to pointer i get an error, naturally i is defined and everything.


'expected identifier before '(' token

and no i dont want to scanf using &dictionary, as this also happens in other instances besides scanf.

what is the correct form to write the command?

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What you want is



*(p_diction->dict0 + i)

You need to pass a pointer to char for the %s conversion, so the char[MAX_WORD_LEN+1] is okay (it will be converted to a pointer to the first char in it).


gives you the pointer to the char[MAX_WORD_LEN+1], and you want the i-th of these arrays, so you must increment this pointer by i. Then to get the right type of pointer, you must dereference to get the array. Then you can either use the automatic array-to-pointer conversion, or explicitly pass the address of the first char in the array


With the two dereferencings you attempted, you would have passed a char, which would cause havoc. You need only one.

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thank you, it worked. – Thongurf Jan 11 '13 at 15:21

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