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I'm part of a small development team (3-4 of us) that uses the Scrum methodology. One of the team is a developer out in India, (we're in the UK), which actually works really well for us, we have daily scrums through Skype calls.

I'm going to do a sprint retrospective at the end of this week. This has been a pretty significant sprint for us and a lot of the work has been a great success.

I would be asking this question:

...but I have a dilemma - if the team were solely based in the UK then I'd say let's get a beer or eat cake or something to celebrate the end of this sprint. I feel that if we did that in the UK then the developer in India would be missing out, which isn't fair, especially as he has done a lot of the crucial work for the functionality developed.

Can anyone think of some ways of 'celebrating' the end of a sprint, or at least livening up the video-conference retrospective somehow?

Thanks :)

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You could make t-shirts or other sorts of memorabilia and have a copy sent to your India-based co-worker. That could tie the group together. You could then go and get a beer with the rest of the UK based team, wearing your new t-shirt. Even better, you could all have a beer in the office while your India-based developer has a beer on the other end of a skype call, all wearing your new t-shirts.

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Why not play counter strike or another of your favourite games online. Get some headsets and teamspeak and off you go.

Do the retrospective first via video and then when playing encourage your team to blurt out what went well etc (you often think of things after the retrospective).

May work or you'll just rib each other when getting kills.

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