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My zune just updated to 3.0 (didn't even realize they were releasing something new!) and the update came with two games, but the Zune marketplace does not have games.

Where do I go to get started, and what are the capabilities of the Zune in terms of games/apps?

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Well, first, you must download the Microsoft XNA 3.0 CTP. Read the documentation, which will explain the capabilities. But, from memory:

  • No hardware accelerated 3d (obviously, you can create a software 3d engine and then render the result to a 2d sprite, but... Don't expect much in terms of performance ;))
  • No XACT, you must use a new sound API
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Just an update but note that XNA 3.0 has been released. It requires some flavor of Visual Studio 2008.

I downloaded it and coded & deployed "hello world" to my Zune in no time at all. Very easy.

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You should check out the blog of Rob Miles. He has a few chapters of his book on his site. Great place to start.

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I was hoping someone here would have better resources, but as this seems to be a new area of development, here's one resource that appears to give all the steps for a newbie to get started (too many assume you already have Visual studio, etc).

I'm really interested in a better in-depth overview of the capabilities as well, though.

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