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Is there any way to send emails using device's Signed-in Google Account?

A similar question has been asked earlier, but didn't get enough answers or perhaps it was long ago and now a number of new APIs are available.

Previously, I had been using Intent.createChooser to prompt the user to select a mailing client and manually send mail. But this time, I want the whole process to be done without any user interaction. I don't even want to ask the user to provide one-time SMTP account details or use my own for this process.

I know, I can access AccountManager to get information about signed-in account, but can it help me to send an email without any user interaction at all (e.g. send email programmatically).

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If this were possible it could be misused to build a spam-app. Therefore I don't think it is supported by Android. –  Henry Jan 11 '13 at 15:56

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To send an email programmatically(without any user interaction) you will need to define by yourself smtp server,account,password,port and e.t.c. Check this link : Send Email Programmatically in Android

AccountManager will help you to get only the email of the user and that you will need to find your self other required parameters.

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Thanks, but as I said, I dont want to store and use SMTP credentials for this. I'm hoping if there's any way we can use device's signed-in google-account to push the mail. –  waqaslam Jan 11 '13 at 15:56

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