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So I have installed wordpress on my server, and it looks wonderful there. I would love to have a profile/front page for my website that is displayed nicely on phones/tablets and desktop. I have been looking around for this for a loong time but I have been unable to find anything. It would be great if it looks like: (my current profile page, but not self-hosted).

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Yes. You need to read about media queries. They allow your page to adapt to screen sized allowing your content to be enhanced for mobile and desktop browsing. take a look here:

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perfect, just what i was looking for! – HansStam Jan 12 '13 at 3:56

Have a look at WP-Touch: or alternatively use Themes/Frameworks that have this functionality built in, like the Roots theme. When using your very own theme, then have a look at CSS3 media queries or Javascript libraries like adapt.js

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