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my first post after years of reading :P I think that are some problem with the page of soundcloud

My app uses the soundcloud api and work fine, but when my users try to connect with facebook and they are go from facebook to but it is not redirected to the callback url, only show a empty page.

Users need login in soundcloud in other window before to make login in my app. Can be a problem my callback url? ""

I try it in ff, opera and chrome and diferents at S.O.

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Seconded - pretty aggravating – Andrew Evans May 1 '13 at 16:23
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This seems to be a bug in the SoundCloud API (see Soundcloud: blank page with popup_callback.html when trying to auth using Facebook)

I was able to work around this by including display=popup in the querystring when redirecting to SoundCloud's OAuth2 authorization endpoint:[my_client_id]&redirect_uri=[my_redirect_uri]&response_type=code&display=popup. This will force the mobile optimized display to show up, but fixes the Facebook login issue.

Note that I'm not actually opening a popup window, I'm just including this param when doing a client-side redirect using window.location=''

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