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I’m unable to use Groovy to execute a shell command that has backticks. A simplified example:

println "echo `date`".execute().text

I searched around and tried to figure out how to escape them somehow, but without luck.

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What happens if you try:

println ["bash", "-c", "echo `date`"].execute().text

My guess would be that with

"echo `date`".execute() 

java's Runtime#exec(String) would be used underneath, if you were calling execute() on a String. In which case, this simply tokenizes the string and executes the program echo with the argument




but that's shell (bash) syntax, and must be executed via bash.

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Almost, println had problems with this, but splitting it into two lines worked: def process = ["bash", "-c", command].execute(); println process.text –  Dag Jan 14 '13 at 9:00

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