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I am making a gem that will generate a .html file inside of a Rails project's public/ directory. It will be used to automatically generate documentation from Cucumber scenarios.

It would be extremely convenient for me to be able to template the HTML file as ERB, that way I can pass in variables, have ERB do it's thing, then spit out the raw HTML to generate the file from.

I am aware of ActionController::Base#render_to_string, but within the gem I am obviously outside the scope of this method. Is there another way to do this? My other option is to define the markup in a heredoc, but I'd rather stay away from that if it's possible to just write ERB files.

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How are you about fake ActionView::Base? –  Valery Kvon Jan 11 '13 at 16:26

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require 'erb'
ERB.new("Hello <%= 'World'%>").result

You could read the template file into a string, render with a new ERB instance and then write your static HTML.

If you need to use variables, you can supply a binding.

foo = :bar
ERB.new("Hello <%= foo%>").result(binding) # "Hello bar"

ERB docs


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that won't work for i18n –  Mïchael Makaröv Mar 14 at 19:23

Consider using ActionView instead of ERB if you want to access various helpers. Here's a fully working example of how to do this.

class MyClass
  def test
    render 'register_user', :jid => 'my login', :password => 'my password'

  def render template, **values
    templates_dir = "#{Rails.root}/app/lib/api"
    template_file = "#{template}.xml.erb"
    ActionView::Base.new(templates_dir).render \
        :file => template_file,
        :locals => values

A template resides in app/lib/api and looks like this:

<query xmlns="archipel:xmppserver:users">
  <archipel action="register">
    <%= tag :user, :jid => jid, :password => password %>
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