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I try to fetch two documents one by one. I set batchSize to 1 for my test purposes. And I cant't fetch the second document. However, when I set batchSize to 2 it returns me the second doc without problems.

mongoClient.connect('mongodb://',server:{auto_reconnect:true, poolSize:2}}, function(err, db){
var cursor = db.collection('coll').find({},{},{batchSize:1});
    cursor.nextObject(function(e, doc)
         //We successfully fetched the first document and now it's time to get the second  one
         cursor.nextObject(function(e, doc2)
            //It returns NULL!
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I've just tried the same with toArray() and it returned only one doc as well. Maybe something is wrong with me? –  Andrey Kon Jan 11 '13 at 17:28

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I found the reason of this strange and silly behaviour. It happens to be intentional behaviour. http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/method/cursor.batchSize/

Specifying 1 or a negative number is analogous to using the limit() method.

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