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I am using plotyy function in MATLAB. It is effectively 2 plots, each with 5 'lines'. I want the 5 lines to match in colors, but am not managing. I have tried various methods from set handle to colororder - see below.

The two variables, pk3... are vectors of 5 columns each.

[ax,h1,h2]= plotyy(2007:2050,pk3uco25,2007:2050,pk3ux45)

I have used the lines below to control the other properties, ...

set(h1,'linestyle', 'd','marker','*', 'markersize', 5) %variable 1
set(h2,'linestyle', '-', 'linewidth', 1.5)             %variable 2

What I would like is that the first 5 lines, match the color of the second 5 lines. I have tried various things such as:

  • setting a colororder that repeats itself such that mycolororder{1:5,:} == mycolororder{6:10,:}

    set(gca,'colororder',mycolororder); %

  • using a matrix of values



... and a few other things but no luck! I know it's probably easy, just not managing! Thanks in advance


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In order to set h2 colors to be the same as h1 colors use this line:

set(h2, {'Color'}, get(h1,'Color'));

for example:

[ax,h1,h2]= plotyy(x,y1,x,y2);
set(h2, {'Color'},get(h1,'Color'));

example plot

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Thanks so much. I had tried some set.. get lines earlier and for some reason didn't get it to work. Simple solution, - it was Friday! Many thanks again. –  Edward Byers Jan 14 '13 at 0:47

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