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I have a commercial product (device with xp embedded). I would like the system to use MongoDB as the database on the system. MongoDB (not drivers) is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.0. Do I have the right to sell my device commercially with MongoDB running on it free of charge? What are the restrictions (if any)?


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GNU AGPL v3.0 is a Free Software license which does not limit the usage of the software only because you are doing commercial distribution or sell some device commercially that is shipping with the software.

Instead take care that you fulfill all terms of the license. If the licensing terms are not fitting for your usage, you will still have the Mongodb commercial license option. I'm pretty sure their sales department is willing to help you finding out if you need it or not.

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To say this another way: if you modify the core database source code, the goal is that you have to contribute those modifications back to the community.

Note however that it is NOT required that applications using mongo be published. The copyleft applies only to the mongod and mongos database programs. This is why Mongo DB drivers are all licensed under an Apache license. You application, even though it talks to the database, is a separate program and “work”.

from http://blog.mongodb.org/post/103832439/the-agpl

So - YES, you can use MongoDB with MongoDB drivers (which are licensed with Apache License) and not have to publish your code.

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