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I am in the process of implementing AffiliateWindow's AffiliateService (Soap) located here.

I need to call only two methods from the this services. i have a project setup in VS 2010 and have added Web Servcie refrence and proxey class. Every thing is working fine except, the phase where i need to imput a TransactionId to get Transactions. it returen and error saying incorrect TransactionId.

on the other hand i can call the method (getTrasactionList) with dates and DateType. but when ever i try to pass TrasactionId or MerchantId to either methods, i get this error.

Exception detail also tell the Array to be empty. but im populating the array like this

var gTrIdi = new getTransaction
aTransactionIds = new ArrayOfint() { id = "'86862924'" }

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I got the answer. the problem was with proxy class.

changed private ArrayOfInt aTransactionIdsField;
to private int[] aTransactionIdsField; in getTransaction class and it worked like a charm.

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