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I'm trying the export data form HDFS to Couchbase and I have a problem with my file format.

My configuration:

  • Couchbase server 2.0
  • Stack hadoop cdh4.1.2
  • sqoop 1.4.2 (compiled with hadoop2.0.0)
  • couchbase/hadoop connector (compiled with hadoop2.0.0)

When I run the export command, I can easily export files with this kind of format:






But when I want to apply a Json object it doesn't work!


The content is truncated at the first comma and diplay in base64 by couchbase because now the content is not a correct JSON...

So, my question is how the file must by formated to be stored as a json document?

Can we only export a key/value file?

I want to export json files form HDFS like the cbdocloader do it with files from local file system...

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I'm afraid that this expected behavior as Sqoop is parsing your input file as CSV with comma as a separator. You might need tweak your file format to either escape separator or enclose entire JSON string. I would recommend reading how exactly Sqoop is dealing with escaping separators and enclosing strings in the user guide [1].



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I think your best bet is to convert the files to tab-delimited, if you're still working on this. If you look at the Sqoop documentation (http://archive.cloudera.com/cdh/3/sqoop/SqoopUserGuide.html#_large_objects), there's an option --fields-terminated-by which allows you to specify which characters Sqoop splits fields on.

If you passed it --fields-terminated-by '\t', and a tab-delimited file, it would leave the commas in place in your JSON.

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