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I'm looking for any Moodle developers/hackers/administrators to help me with this issue (more of a witch hunt than anything).

I have about 300 courses that I need to add a manual self completion to, as well as a self completion block.

I think I've got the block code figured out:

insert into mdl2_block_instances (blockname, parentcontextid, showinsubcontexts, pagetypepattern, defaultregion, defaultweight) values ('selfcompletion', $contextid, 0, 'course-view-*', 'side-post', 5)

I still don't know which table field to change the manual self completion to true and the I'm getting tired of staring at the Moodle schema. Would anyone have the answer?

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To enable manual self completion criteria in course execute the following query.

INSERT INTO  prefix_course_completion_criteria (course,criteriatype) VALUES(courseid,1);

I think it will help you.


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Yep. The other one was block_instances after doing some more hunting. – alrightgame Jan 14 '13 at 19:23

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