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I have a two treeview and a drag and drop functionality between them.
When I drag things from one control to the other I want a popup to say something like :

3 item(s) added.

A tooltip is designed to be on a mouse over for info on a control or something but it has interesting attributes like a fade in and out effect etc..

My other option would be to use a label but I don't want to make it appear and then disappear.. also the label don't seem to be the control i'm looking for.

It's something commonly used no ? Is there a control between these two that suit my needs ?

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You should use System.Windows.Forms.Form and set some properties with this values:

f.FormBorderStyle = None;
f.MaximizeBox = false;

You can also fix its size.

This will give you base to start from. And now about the fading. This can be accomplished using Opacity property from 0% to 100% in time frame. This is basicy all you neet to start.

For showing this popup just use regular code like this:

PopupForm f = new PopupForm();
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