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I have this dynamic HTML

<select id='posto'>
    <ul id="nazioni">
      <li data-dal="Europa, Mediterraneo">Italia</li>
      <li data-dal="Europa, Mediterraneo">Spania</li>
      <li data-dal="Asia">Cina</li>
      <li data-dal="Europa, Asia, Mediterraneo">Turchia</li>
      <li data-dal="Africa, Mediterraneo">Egitto</li>
      <li data-dal="Europa">Francia</li>
      <li data-dal="Europa">Svezia</li>

and I'm trying to fill in the select with tags with the 'data-dal' values which I'm trying to split into separate values by the comma and space. I'm a fresh jQuery and Javascript novice, but I've managed to piece together some sort of code from what I found here on stackOverflow and in the jQuery manual but wasn't able to piece together all the pieces into my desired code.

var items = {};
$('#nazioni li').each(function () {
  items[$(this).data('dal').split(', ')] = true;

var result = new Array();
for (var i in items) {
  result.push('<option>' + i + '</option>');


$('#posto').change(function () {
  var selected = $(this).find('option:selected').text();
  $('li[data-dal=' + selected + ']').show();
  $('li[data-dal!=' + selected + ']').hide();
}); I jsfiddled it. I'm unable to split the data-dal values into separate values. I'd appreciate any help or pointers in better ways to do this.

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I am not sure if I have understood your question right. But let me help you with what I can. First of all heres the JSFIDDLE Updated.

I could split the <li> elements values into a unique values array and populate the <Select> with these values.

$('#nazioni li').each(function () {
   var arr = $(this).data('dal').split(", ");
   items = items.concat(arr);
 var sorted = unique(items);

This function gets the unique values of the list.

function unique(list) {
   var result = [];
   $.each(list, function(i, e) {
     if ($.inArray(e, result) == -1) result.push(e);
   return result;

I then tried to show up all the <li> elements corresponding to the drop down value that is selected.

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Seriously, THANK YOU so much. This is the exact desired end result. I'll review the code and learn as much as I can it from it for good measure but after spending 20 hours today on this without getting anywhere I'll definitely catch a break first. Thank you for the help! – rococo polkadot bandit Jan 11 '13 at 19:09
You are most welcome! I am glad i could help.. – Usha Jan 11 '13 at 19:10

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