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I'm solving simple task - in Windows Phone 8 it should be possible to save mp3 file downloaded from Internet into phone Media Library, not just into Isolated storage. Hint for the API is here:
What's new in Windows Phone SDK 8.0
The only thread about this problem I have found:
MediaLibrary SaveSong method

Is anywhere simple guide how to save mp3 song into phone Media Library or at least MSDN article describing the MediaLibraryExtensions.SaveSong? Thanks!

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Here you go @ API to add playlists in Zune

Please leave a comment if you've got any additional questions.

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That looks good, thanks! Another question, is it possible to edit information of existing songs in MediaLibrary, for instance creating app for filling missing ID3 Tags of existing songs, including missing album art? –  Martin Suchan Jan 12 '13 at 11:11
I don't see how you would do that with this API. –  JustinAngel Jan 12 '13 at 17:51

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