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I have several bash scripts that need to be modified and I would very much prefer to not do it by hand... basically, they all contain the line

for ((i=${BEGIN} ; i < ${END} ; i++))

and I need to change this to

for ((i=${BEGIN}-1 ; i < ${END} ; i++))

the i=${BEGIN} is unique and appears only once in each file, so I figured I could search and replace it using a simple perl command. What I came up with is

>  perl -w -i -p -e "s/i=\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\$\{BEGIN\}-1/"

which results in the following error

syntax error at -e line 1, near "{BEGIN"
syntax error at -e line 1, near "}continue"
Execution of -e aborted due to compilation errors.

What is the syntax error here?



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2 Answers 2

Use apostrophes instead of double quotes:

perl -w -i -p -e 's/i=\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\$\{BEGIN\}-1/'

This way, backslashes aren't removed by shell, so perl sees them and they escape what they should escape.

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The bash shell is performing interpolation on the argument "s/i=\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\$\{BEGIN\}-1/" before it gets to Perl. Let's see how that might work:

$ echo "s/i=\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\$\{BEGIN\}-1/"

The substitution s/i=$\{BEGIN\}/i=$\{BEGIN\}-1/ is going to be a problem in Perl because Perl will treat the sequence $\{ as the start of a lookup on the hash variable %\, but it will fail to compile because it won't find an (unescaped) closing brace. So what you really want Perl to see is something like


And there are at least two ways to change your original command-line to accomplish this:

  1. Escape the dollar signs:

    perl -wpi -e "s/i=\\\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\\\$\{BEGIN\}-1/"

  2. Prefer single quotes, which aren't interpolated in bash:

    perl -wpi -e 's/i=\$\{BEGIN\}/i=\$\{BEGIN\}-1/'

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