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I have the following tables in a Hive database:

id  t     X
1   1     a
1   4     a
2   5     a
3   10    a

id   t    Y
1    3    b
2    6    b
2    8    b
3    15   b

And I would like to merge them to have a table like:

id   t    Z
1    1    a
1    3    b
1    4    a
2    5    a
2    6    b
2    8    b
3    10   a
3    15   b

Basically what I want to do is :

  1. a join on the column id (that part is easy)

  2. merge the columns table1.t and table2.t into a new column t

  3. have the variable Z that is equal to table1.X if the corresponding t comes from table1.t, and table2.Y if it comes from table2.t

  4. order the table by id and then by t (that shouldn't be too hard)

I have no idea on how to do the parts 2 and 3. I tried with an outer join on table1.id = table2.id and table1.t = table2.t, but it doesn't merge the two columns t.

Any pointer would be appreciated. Thanks!

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CREATE TABLE table3 as SELECT * FROM (SELECT id,t,X as Z FROM t3_1 UNION ALL SELECT id,t,Y as Z FROM t3_2) u1 order by id,t;

Although not always required, using a subquery for the union'd queries help to organize, plus you can then reference the fields from the union (e.g. u1.id ) in other parts of the query.

You'll need the alias on the 3rd column to make the schemas match. If the source table name was not already a column, you could do something like this:

select * from (select id,t,'a' from t3_1 UNION ALL select id,t,'b' from t3_2) u1;
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Works fine, thanks a lot! –  S4M Jan 15 '13 at 9:13

Try this one. It will insert in table 3, all the values from the other 2 tables

INSERT INTO table3 ( t, Z ) SELECT t, X FROM table1 UNION ALL SELECT t, Y FROM table2

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Thanks for that but I don't have the table table3 yet. So I want to do create table3 and the command: create table table3 as select t, X from table1 UNION ALL select t,Y from table2; is not working (mismatched input 'UNION') –  S4M Jan 11 '13 at 18:26

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