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Mind if I ask for some help? I'm dealing with a problem where I have a domain I bought at godaddy.com, and the host is at bluehost.com. I have pointed the domain to my host. It's in a sub-folder: http://maindomain.com/folder/addondomain.com


  1. http://www.addondomain.com works fine. But when I tried http://addondomain.com, it redirects me to http://www.addondomain.com/addondomain.com/ or http://www.addondomain.com/folder/addondomain.com/ (which of course returns a 404 error)
  2. I'm not quite familiar with .htaccess, but I think this matter will require me to reset all the rules currently applied. Is there any way I can make the rules apply globally (e.g., from the maindomain.com root folder to take care this matter) for several add-on domains?

Please be kind pointing me to any similar post if there was any. I have been searching throughout this site for around 3 days, and I have not yet found any similar or conclusion that worked in my case.

Any help or suggestion will mostly welcome.

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"Is there any way I can make the rules apply globally", not without seeing your rules. –  Jon Lin Jan 12 '13 at 6:46
This what's making me confuse @JonLin I haven't found any .Htacces file even in the root folder where of the main domain. It's like an automatic setup where I can't find where/how to modify this rule. Strange isn't it?! I would love to make a new .htaccess file if i can be certain on how the change will effect the main domain and addon domain. –  arungisyadi Jan 14 '13 at 14:46

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