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I had a branch, project-branch, that I finished with and merged back into trunk.

Now I'm working in trunk again and I'd like to see changes for a revision that I made on project-branch. I can use -g to see these revisions in the log, but when i do diff -c on the revision in question, it comes up empty. Is there a way to see the diff of this revision from trunk? Or do I have to specifically run the diff on project-branch?

EDIT: Okay I can diff -c on the revision in which I actually merged project-branch into trunk. But that has way more stuff in it than I am interested in viewing.

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Invoke the following command in the working copy. ^/ is a short-cut for the root of the current repository, so that the diff will not be truncated to the current working directory.

svn diff -c 42 ^/
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Good idea!! Thanks! –  hackmaster.a Jan 11 '13 at 19:15

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