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I would like to know what would be the best design, or the overall view for a webapp project about a multiplayer chess game using Django on the server side and jQuery on the client side.

The project has the following assumptions/premises:

  • No chess-specific rules

    It will be just a game board with free-moving pieces. No turn-tracking, or anything related. Users are free to play arround with pieces over the game board.

  • Real time multiplay

    Any changes made by one player (e.g.: move a piece) are automatically rendered on the oposite player window.

  • Session saving

    Users can stop a game session and resume it later.

  • Drag & drop pieces

    Pieces occupy defined places over the game board/grid, and cannot be stacked (like the original game).

The Django part doesn't seems too difficult at a first sight. It is the jQuery part (probably jQuery-UI) that intrigues me, though.

I was thinking about using Django to store all the information about the game (piece's position, etc) while leaving jQuery to act like a constructor, based on the game model stored in Django.

Sorry for the information overload, but I really have no idea of what I'm going to need to do to finish a project like this.

Thanks in advance!

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I will recommend you to implement a RESTful API using django-tastypie and use Backbone.js on client side. Paul Uithol has written a small compatibility layer,backbone-tastypie, to make backbone and django-tastypie work together.

If you want to stick to jQuery then you should expose a RESTful API from server and then bind different API calls with DOM events.

Taylor McKay has implemented Beer Distribution Game, a multiple simulation game to demonstrate basic principles of Supply Chain Management, using HTML5, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, and REST. You should look into github project for his project.

He has used django-piston, a django app similar to django-tastypie for implementing a RESTful server. You should look at his jQuery Code as well his api app.

I hope above information helps you in understanding implementation on multi player games using Django.

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