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currently this is my one dimensional array looks like

 [0] => Spiderman 
 [1] => Burger 
 [3] => Batman 
 [4] => Robin

now i want to add another key at each array value, for example

 [0]['isMovie'] = 'Yes'
 [1]['isMovie'] = 'No'
 [2]['isMovie'] = 'Yes'
 [3]['isMovie'] = 'Yes'

so that next time when i iterate through the array, i will know which value is a movie or not.

i tried something like [0]['isMovie'] = 'Yes' but it seems it just changed the current value of the array to something like Ypiderman

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you can't have your array values be both a string and an array at the same time. You need an array of objects/structs/arrays. – Aerik Jan 11 '13 at 18:56
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Your array structure could look like this:

        'Name' => 'Batman',
        'isMovie' => true,
        'Name' => 'phpisuber01 is awesome',
        'isMovie' => false,

You would access the values by doing something like this:

echo $var[0]['Name']; //returns Batman
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you'll need to create a name index. You will have a 2 dimensional array like this:

$arr = array();
$arr[] = array('name'=> 'SpiderMan', 'isMovie'=> 'Yes');
$arr[] = array('name'=> 'Burger', 'isMovie'=> 'No');
$arr[] = array('name'=> 'Batman', 'isMovie'=> 'Yes');
$arr[] = array('name'=> 'Robin', 'isMovie'=> 'Yes');
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$array[0] = array('0' => array[0], 'isMovie' => 'Yes');
$array[1] = array('1' => array[1], 'isMovie' => 'No');

... and so on

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