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the following code keeps crashing on some devices (instantly closes the ringtone picker dialog), on most of the devices it's working as expected. I didn't manage to find a common common denominator for the devices on which it crashes.

I'd be really really happy if someone could help me with this problem. BTW: Logcat shows absolutely nothing. No errors.

This is the code

protected void chooseRingtone() {

    final Intent intent = new Intent(RingtoneManager.ACTION_RINGTONE_PICKER);
    intent.putExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_SHOW_SILENT, false);
    intent.putExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_TYPE, RingtoneManager.TYPE_ALL);
    intent.putExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_TITLE, getString(R.string.choose_ringtone));

    if (ringtoneURI != null) {
        intent.putExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_EXISTING_URI, ringtoneURI);
    else {
        intent.putExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_EXISTING_URI, (Uri) null);
    startActivityForResult(intent, RINGTONE_RESULT);

protected void onActivityResult(final int requestCode, final int resultCode, final Intent data) {

    if (resultCode == RESULT_OK && requestCode == RINGTONE_RESULT) {
        ringtoneURI = data.getParcelableExtra(RingtoneManager.EXTRA_RINGTONE_PICKED_URI);
        if (ringtoneURI != null) {
            try {
                ringtoneString = RingtoneManager.getRingtone(this, ringtoneURI).getTitle(this);

            } catch (final Exception e) {
                ringtoneString = "unknown";


The Manifest looks like this:

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what is the crash log? please post some more info than "it crashes" ... – android developer Apr 4 '13 at 12:07
As mentioned above, there is absolutely nothing in logcat – AndyB Apr 4 '13 at 18:01
can you tell which devices and android versions have this problem? – android developer Apr 4 '13 at 20:17

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