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since my app has a sidebar menu that gets built dynamically through an xml everytime I want to load a view I need to pass all of this parameters.

        ViewData["mainItems"] = navigation.getItems();
        ViewData["controller"] = controller;//this is just a string with the name of my  controller

how can I avoid doing this everytime but that the parameters keep getting being retrieved and passed?

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I don't understand. Are you setting the ViewData in every single request and that is what you're trying avoid? –  Jonas Stawski Sep 15 '09 at 19:35

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You don't really need to pass the controller name. you have it in the viewContext.

See this SO question : Find what ASP.NET MVC controller in master view

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If i understand what your problem is correctly, then you might want to create a base class controller and make all your controller inherit from this base controller. Then override the OnActionExecuted event which gets fired on every action.

public class BaseController : Controller {
   protected override void OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext filterContext) {
      ViewData["mainItems"] = navigation.getItems();
      ViewData["controller"] = filterContext.ActionDescriptor.ControllerDescriptor.ControllerName;
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