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I have a foreach loop that spits out all of the "read mail" in a user's inbox:

        foreach ($tmpArray as $array) {
            if ($array['message_parent_id'] == 0) {
                $convo = $this->model->getConvoArray($array['message_id']);
                $array['message_datetime'] = $convo[sizeof($convo) - 1]['message_datetime'];
                $lastMessage = $this->model->getLastReply($array['message_id']);
                if ($_SESSION['username'] == $lastMessage['message_sender']) {
                    $messageBody = "<b>&lArr;</b> " . $lastMessage['message_body'];
                } else {
                    $messageBody = $lastMessage['message_body'];
                $array['message_body'] = $messageBody;
            array_push($readMail, $array);
            //echo PrettyDate::convert($array['message_datetime']);
            //echo "<br />";

However, when $lastMessage['message_body'] == "<(^_^<) Kirby!" I get $array['message_body'] == "by!". But when $lastMessage['message_body'] == "<(^_ Kirby!" it is stored into $array['message_body'] correctly as "<(^_ Kirby!". Not entirely sure what's going on. All other cases I've tried work fine.

It works when I take out around &lArr. I'm guessing it's something to do with that.

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Perhaps that's what you think there is. Try viewing the source of your page, instead of the original outcome (with right click -> view source) – periklis Jan 11 '13 at 20:21

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Wrap $lastMessage['message_body'] in htmlentities() and it should solve your problem.

$lastMessage['message_body'] = htmlentities($lastMessage['message_body']);
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This didn't work. I thought it did, but it wouldn't give me the $lArr; I took the <b></b> and it works fine, though. – Will Harrison Jan 11 '13 at 20:35

Since this string has a > in it, the browser could be seeing it as a HTML element. To fix this pass $lastMessage['message_body'] through htmlentities():

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