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I am developing an app which has a significant 'reference' section in it. It's information that is very applicable to being created as a set of HTML pages, linking to each other.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good framework out there to embed HTML pages within an iphone app, to be able to open a specific page by key and any other niceties. The best I've seen so far is CMHTMLView on github.

I know I can load HTML pages directly into a UIWebView, I'm looking to see if there's a framework which does a bit of the boilerplate for for me (e.g. checking for existance of files, be able to cache pages by a keyword, any other niceties like being able to index and search pages). Thanks!

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To display easy to navigate HTML in a mobile, I use http://jquerymobile.com

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Ah I totally forgot about this. Good suggestion. Though I was more thinking of a framework to wrap UIWebView inside something that can manage a set of local html files, jump to specific files, etc etc. I think jquerymobile is a good framework for me to use in actually composing the pages themselves, though, so thanks for the reminder. –  nazbot Jan 14 '13 at 18:42

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