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Is there a way to query Stack Overflow directly from the command line and get back the most upvoted answer to the first question that comes up for that query?

I really mislike having to open up my browser whenever I want to brush up on my knowledge of writing RegExes for matching XHTML tags.

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Yes, it is possible! Try out Benjamin Gleitzman's excellent tool howdoi.

It works like this:

$ howdoi get stackoverflow answers inside a terminal

and the program will query StackOverflow for keywords "get stackoverflow answers inside a terminal", find the question that best matches these terms and return the code from the best answer to that question.

You can also add the -a option to get the full answer, not just the code. So to get an answer for your example query, you would do:

$ howdoi -a RegEx match XHTML tags 


If you have Python & pip installed, you can get it from the Cheese shop.

$ sudo pip install howdoi

More help

Enter howdoi -h for complete usage instructions.

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on Mac => download from upper link: $ sudo python setup.py install –  algorhythm Jan 11 '13 at 22:06
you can use pip on Mac, too. –  bfontaine Mar 16 '14 at 20:40

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