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I'm trying to get django to serve CSV data from a Model to generate a graph using d3.js. This example works when I have the same CSV data sitting on the server and I pass scatter a path to the CSV file.

I'm following the solution posted here Direct data input from Django for a D3 graph to serve the CSV data.

I am getting an error in the scatter function claiming that the data passed is null.

def serve_data(request):
    model = get_object_or_404(FileData, pk = 1)
    data = model.get_data()
    return HttpResponse(data, content_type = "text/csv")


<script type="text/javascript">
    $.get('/site/serve_data/', function(data) 
        scatter(data); // Here's the call to the javascript function


function scatter(csvData)
    // ERROR HERE: csvData is null
    d3.csv(csvData, function(data)
        // work with data

Am I on the right track?


The serve_data function does return CSV data when I call the URL from the browser.

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You are simply misusing d3.csv, it expects a URL. See

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Bingo. parseRows was what I was looking for. RTFM! – circuitBurn Jan 11 '13 at 21:59

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