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What is the syntax for accessing the Google Geocoding Accuracy value? This is what I currently have but it's a complete stab in the dark:

var googleValue = results[0].geomtery.Accuracy;
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Looks like you are referring to the V2 version of the API, it is deprecated and will stop working May 19, 2013. – istepaniuk Jan 11 '13 at 22:38

From the API docs comes this example response:
# Returns
  "name": "Toledo",
  "Status": {
    "code": 200,
    "request": "geocode"
  "Placemark": [ {
    "id": "p1",
    "address": "Toledo, Spain",
    "AddressDetails": {
        "Country": {
            "CountryNameCode": "ES",
            "CountryName": "Spain",
            "AdministrativeArea": {
                "AdministrativeAreaName": "CM",
                "SubAdministrativeArea":     {
                    "SubAdministrativeAreaName": "Toledo",
                    "Locality": {"LocalityName": "Toledo"}
        "Accuracy": 4},
    "Point": {
      "coordinates": [ -4.0244759, 39.8567775, 0 ]
  } ]

So you would access it as PlaceMark[0].AddressDetails.Accuracy.

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As the first comments says - V3 does not support this location feature anymore. Instead you receive a "location type" value which uses a four-tiered set of values to describe the accuracy. This can be accessed with the following syntax:

var googleValue = results[0].geometry.location_type;
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