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I need to match something like the Perl regexp matcher

m/my regex!*/

where the quotes can be any character from a range. So the above is the same as

m%my regex!*%

A naive guess of a lexer rule would be

REGEX: 'm' quote=. (~(quote))* quote;

but that does not work, because the latter quote is not referring to the quote= but to some rule.

I can do it with a lot of own code, like

REGEX: 'm' quote=. { ... implement the loop and final match myself ... } ;

but somehow I think there should be a canonical way to do such things.

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... but somehow I think there should be a canonical way to do such things.

There is not. You'll have to do this with custom code.

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Take a look at PL/SQL parser (here). Oracle also supports those Perl style quoted strings.


q':select * from employees where last_name = 'smith':'

Use the custom code as an example. (It contains C and Java implementation). Maybe in your case it can be even simplified.


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That is astoundingly close to what I came up with for the simple case. It got a bit nasty later when I wanted to convert \-escapes in the lexer. Even if you did not actually answer my question I'll upvote you anyway to help other people looking for a solution. – Thraidh Jan 16 '13 at 13:20

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