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First, this code works perfectly since today, I don't know why, this have changed, and I didn't modify it. This is the code:

app.post('/upload', function (req, res){

  var tags = req.body.tags.split(" ");

  usermodel.findOne({ user: req.session.user }, function (err, user){


   var img = user.imagen.push({

     title: req.body.title,
     name: req.files.art.name,
     author: user.user,
     description: req.body.description,
     index: user.imagen.length + 1,
     path: './users/' + user.user + '/' + req.files.art.name,
     dowload: req.body.share,
     tags: tags


    user.save(function (err, suser){

     if (err) throw err;

    fs.readFile(req.files.art.path, function(err, data){

       if (err) throw err;

       fs.writeFile(user.path + '/' + req.files.art.name, data, function(err){

             if(err) throw err;



And when I checked an user, the imagen array of that user, looks like this '[object Object]'. Why this happens? Any solution for this...?

Thank's advance!


This is the Schema:

var userschema = new mongoose.Schema({

  user: String,
  pass: String,
  imagen: [{ 

              title: String,
              name: String,
              views: Number,
              type: String,
              author: String,
              tags: [String],
              description: String,
              index: Number,
              path: String,
              date: { type: Date, default: Date.now },
              dowload: String,
              like: Number,



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What is your schema for usermodel? It looks like usermodel.imagen is a String, so mongoose is casting that object for you. –  Aaron Dufour Jan 12 '13 at 0:27
There you got the Schema. usermodel.imagen is an array, and inside, yes there are strings, but usermodel.imagen is not an array. –  MrMangado Jan 12 '13 at 10:27

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