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I am using the google font Titillium web for my website. It's gorgeous on my mac but when I view it on windows - chrome and IE - and click the polish flag to show the polish text, the polish characters are in bold (I think they are using a different font). These characters exist inside the font so I don't know why it's not using them. Also, the edges of the font is all jagged.

Here is my website.

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Have You selected Latin Extended (latin-ext) on to get extended latin characters. – bumerang Jan 11 '13 at 21:46
FWIW it also looks jagged on Google's site in Chrome on the PC (note the difference between the "character set" tab and the "pairings" tab): – Tim Medora Jan 11 '13 at 21:47
I have check it. You haven't selected Latin Extended (latin-ext) and You are using only latin characters. try this link to font, it's working: <link href=',latin-ex‌​t' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> – bumerang Jan 11 '13 at 21:54
Thank you. The letters display properly now in all but windows Chrome. – Nicola Jan 12 '13 at 16:20

I noticed you're using font-weight: 500;on some of the text which is not included in the google font. This might account for the jagged appearance.

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