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I just started working on an existing Rails codebase and I'm trying to run the tests in the codebase. However, when I run bundle exec rspec spec/ I get the following error on every test:

Failure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace
   ERR invalid DB index
 # ./lib/redised.rb:35:in `flushdb_all'
 # ./lib/redised.rb:35:in `each_value'
 # ./lib/redised.rb:35:in `flushdb_all'

I'm pretty new to rails -- I've only finished 8 of the 11 chapters in Michael Hartl's rails tutorial -- so I'm not familiar with Redis. My Redis version is redis-2.4.17.

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The problem was that I needed to increase the number of databases. To do so, I went to /usr/local/etc and modified redis.conf. I set the database number to 128: databases 128.

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