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I am seeing something weird and I don't know it works like that.

I have a ASP.NET page based on a template which has a form with runat="server tag. On this page, I have another form which is client-side so it doesn't have a runat="server" tag. This form contains an action attribute with a URL pointing to a third party website. On clicking the submit button of this form, the form never goes through and the page just sits like that.

If I add another tag on this page right above my tag, then I can submit the form to the action URL. My question is why does the form not submit unless I put an additional empty tag in there?

Thanks in advance.

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You need to provide some code to assist us in helping you! – codingbiz Jan 11 '13 at 21:50

You cannot nest HTML FORMS

Every form must be enclosed within a FORM element. There can be several forms in a single document, but the FORM element can't be nested.

See if PostBackUrl will solve your need in ASP.Net Web Forms.

Other than that, you can certainly do ASP.Net Razor so you get out of the "single FORM web page model" of ASP.Net Web Forms.

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