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I was trying to use ContainerRequestFilter for my rest webservice application to authenticate input request. Once the request authenticated i need to pass a object to resouce with all the information. can some one please let me know how can we achieve this?

Thanks for your help..


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In your filter you need to pull in the servlet request:

private transient HttpServletRequest servletRequest;

And store your data as an attribute:

this.servletRequest.setAttribute("My data", myObject);

And then in a resource you can pull in the servletRequest and use:

Object myObject = this.servletRequest.getAttribute("My data");
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Thanks it worked... –  Maddy Jan 13 '13 at 16:48
As a curiosity.. Why did you mark HttpServletRequest as transient? –  mvlupan May 28 at 17:53

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