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I am developing a windows phone 8 app in c#, for which i need to get some metadata from the youtube using the gdata api..

After searching for many hours, i still can't find a suitable tutorial on the net that explains how to use youtube gdata api in windows phone 8 application.I have read the official documentation but all in futile.

I need to get the list of the videos liked by the user on youtube.

can somebody provide me a nice tutorial on how to do it or just a basic functionality that at least explains how to get started with the same.

thank you

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I do not understand why people close questions. Just because it was not worded well does not mean it should be closed. – msbg Jan 24 '13 at 22:24
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There's nothing specific about windows phone to this question. Please read the GData documentation for that.

Starting from you can see this is the URL to invoke for non-authenticated users: (there's also a URL for authenticated users)

It appears the non-authenticated view redirects to "playlists" which can then be explored and you can get the names of playlists and video in them. For the authenticated URL you'll have to use GData's OAuth 2.0 and invoke the following URL:

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