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I'm looking for a solution to the "RVM is not a function" issue when installing RVM on Raspbian using LXTerminal. The following thread discusses workarounds for this issue:

rvm installation not working: "RVM is not a function"

One solution would be to start the terminal in "login mode" by doing /bin/bash --login, but this does not help on Raspbian because it uses LXTerminal. Other people have suggested putting the following line at the end of your .bash_rc file:

source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm

...which seems to work. Just wondering if (a) the above workaround is legit and will not screw anything up and (b) if anybody has found a more elegant solution for RVM on Raspbian.

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It looks like the best solution is to run it with:

lxterminal -e "bash -li"

It will make the terminal use an login and interactive shell.

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I tried this but when in the root application directory for a ruby on rails application it stopped working, I added this 'source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm' to my .bashrc file which worked in the /home/user/ folder and the root ruby on rails application folder

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