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Does anyone know how to get the WinRun4J service example (ServiceTest class that is distributed with the software) to run? I'm on a Windows 7 box, 64 bit, and have the Java 7 JDK and JRE installed.

I performed the following:

  1. Copied WinRun4J64c.exe to C:\test, renamed it service64.exe
  2. Copied service.ini to C:\test, renamed it service64.ini
  3. Finally, I copied WinRun4JTest.jar to C:\test.

First off, you have to run a command prompt as Administrator, otherwise you can't register the service. So in a command prompt, opened as Administrator, I entered the command:

C:\Test>service64.exe --WinRun4J:RegisterService

So far so good. But when I go to the Windows services panel to start the service, I get the error:

"Error 1053: service did not respond ... in a timely fashion"

Any ideas?


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As far as I have understood that you may have forgotten to copy WinRun4JTest.jar to the C:\test.

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I had the same problem. You need to also copy WinRun4j.jar to the directory as well or somewhere where it can be found in the classpath.

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While true, that was already mentioned .. over two months ago. No need to repost the same answer twice. When you gain sufficient reputation, you can leave comments beneath any post. –  Leigh Oct 13 '13 at 23:15
He meant.. WinRun4J.jar not WinRun4JTest.jar.. so its a different and useful answer.. –  VJ. Mar 25 at 7:11

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