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I am currently looking for a solution to detect the difference between navigating to a page and refreshing a page. I have seen several posts but none of them seem to solve my specific issue. Since I dont think code is important I will simply provide the flow.

  1. an event is triggered on a particular page on a website. (this does not need to be on index) At this point a value needs to be persisted in the browser (was thinking window object since value is small)

  2. If a user accesses another page or even the original page via normal navigation I would like to access this value.

  3. If a user accesses this page or another but it is because of a refresh then I would like for the value to be null.

To better visualize

Scenario 1: event > new page/same page (session value exists) > another page (session value exists)

Scenario 2: event > new page/same page (session value exists) > refresh (session value is lost)

I have seen answers that suggest using hashtags but this is impossible because the links that trigger page changes will not contain them and m

This is what I am trying to make happen. Any help?

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maybe you can use cookies? –  Matei Mihai Jan 11 '13 at 23:35
I think the logic using cookies or window object would be the same. my issue is really determining the difference between arriving on a page naturally and arriving due to a refresh. –  DvideBy0 Jan 11 '13 at 23:51

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