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i am preparing dataset for plsr() in the pls pacakege in R. My dataset A is imported as 62 obs.of 2001 variables. To run that plsr function. I have to make 2000 variables into 1 variable which has a dimension of 62 x 2000. So that the dataframe B has 62 obs. of 2 variables. One variables has a dimension of 62x1, the other has a dimension of 62x2000 how to do this in R? Please.... THANKS!!!!!!

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  cbind( resp=dfrm[ , 1, drop=FALSE], mat = as.matrix(dfrm[, 2:2001] ) )

It's not clear what @LeeTaylor is expressing disapproval regarding. If you assigned such an object to the name mydat and ran:

  plsr(resp~mat, data=mydat)

.... I think there would be a reasonable chance of success. This remains untested in the absence of a proper example, the responsibility for which lies with the questioner.

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perhaps? hmmmmm. –  Lee Taylor Jan 12 '13 at 1:17
Yeah, "Perhaps" is what I sometimes use. In other cases I use "In the absence of a proper example:". –  BondedDust Jan 12 '13 at 1:29

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